Bum's connection to the 'dark side'...

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I'm related to a movie star!

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My mom is so excited about this she is practically giddy!  She recently discovered that my 6th great-grandma, Gamegards Lasting Light, was one of the 3 Rottweilers that starred in the movie The Omen.  That movie was the start of it all for her.  She saw the dogs, but had no idea what they were (she was only 16 at the time and just a silly girl).  She remembers thinking that they were the most awesome dogs she had ever seen.  Thankfully, years later, she figured it out and found her way to Pagan.  It has been almost 30 years since she saw the movie and now here I am, completing the circle.  What are the chances?? We would like to thank Dianna Contin of Braxenburg Rottweilers in Canada for sharing this glorious revelation with us!

The Cemetery


Halloween 2006

This is me, dramatically recreating a scene from 'The Omen'. 
I hope you aren't too skeered by my evil eyes and TONGUE!